The Book of April

April Anjou was born into a wealthy Lagos Island family but soon after her birth, her parents’ marriage broke down, forcing her into a life of struggle, hardship, and trials. In this book, she chronicles how by her determined efforts, ambition, doggedness and faith in God, she was able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of her father’s rejection, getting a good education, a failed marriage, a challenging banking career to finally triumph to become an established international businesswoman and a happy mother of two children.

April’s story lifts the lid on how hostile some corporate work environments can be, and how easily the educational system can derail a person’s life’s aspirations. Above all, we see a story of true love found in the most unlikely place, reinforcing the notion that no one should ever give up on success or love because of a bad experience.

April shares her experiences in a frank and touching way, offering hope and inspiration to everyone that with hard work, determination and a strong sense of values, every wintery season breaks forth into spring.


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