The Nigerian maritime industry is the nation’s economic centre of gravity, and this book discusses its potentials, opportunities, and recommendations for the future. It contains a collection of papers delivered at maritime conferences and seminars over the years on pertinent issues such as the shipbuilding and repair sector, the process of ship acquisition and operations and the realities of the local shipowner. It discusses other relevant topics, such as:
  • The Role of Marine Infrastructure in Sustainable Economic Development.
  • Realities of the Local Shipowner.
  • Imperatives of Shipyards and Dockyards in Nigeria.
  • Unlocking the Idle Potentials in the Shipping Sector.
  • The Cabotage Act.
  • Challenges of Maritime Capacity Development.
  • Policy Recommendations for Indigenous Participation in the Shipping Sector.
Greg Ogbeifun has written a timely book on Nigeria’s maritime sector. The information contained is imperative, educative, and relevant—a must-read for all in the oil and gas industry and its attendant maritime industry.

This book is a collection of the current state of Nigeria’s maritime industry. Itpresents professionally based information for policy, management, operators, desk officers and would also be useful for those in training. It covers a range of subjects relevant to the many sectors of the industry.
Engr. I. Olu. Akinsoji MSc., FNSE


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