Scarred Roses

Warona, Akwanma, Uloma, Ndali, Uche and Ezichi dreamt of marrying their prince charming and living happily ever after. At thirty-seven, Ezichi was the only single lady amongst them. She expected she would have been married and settled with children.
Ezichi has a boyfriend whose profile was more than what she looked for in a man. He had at several times asked for her hand in marriage but she avoided giving him an answer. She was in a dilemma after seeing her friends’ dreams crushed within a short period of time. Ezichi found herself afraid to commit because of her friends’ marital journeys.
This story follows the marital experiences of these ladies and highlights how challenging it can be for women to have it all. How will it end? Will the ladies have their dreams restored? Would Ezichi be influenced by their opinions and miss out on a good life with her man? Or would she let love lead the way?



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