Dynamics of Parenting Styles

Parenting is a huge responsibility that involves the nurturing, caring, instructing, educating, supporting and rearing of the total well-being of the child. This book explores the subject by examining the different styles of parenting and how it affects children behaviour. It has been written in a way that readers would be able to understand and identify with, buttressing the impact of each parenting style on child development with fables in the Nigerian context that illustrate their principles. The parenting styles examined in the book are the Authoritarian Parenting Style, the Permissive Parenting Style, the Authoritative Parenting Style and the Neglectful Parenting Style.

The author has written an interesting and easily understood book by relating it to real life situations. This book would be of immense value to parents, would be parents and other caregivers as they seek to nurture and develop a future generation that will make us proud.
- Dr. Atiemie Braide-Lolomari, Medical expert and family counselor.


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