The Times MindGames Word Puzzles and Conundrums Book 2: 500 brain-crunching puzzles, featuring 5 popular mind games (The Times Puzzle Books)

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500 teasing puzzles and conundrums to test your word power and rack your brain with this mixed collection from the MindGames section of The Times, featuring 5 different types of puzzle.

The perfect gift for all word puzzle fans, with more than 500 assorted word puzzles and conundrums, this collection contains these favourites:

  • Lexica – 144 letter grid challenges
  • Polygon – 144 word circle puzzles, how many words can you create?
  • Scrabble™ Challenge – 64 real-life challenges to sharpen your word power
  • Word Watch – expand your vocabulary with 96 multiple-choice word quizzes
  • Codewords – test your powers of logic with 52 word and number grids


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