Radio Sunrise by Anietie Isong

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Never cover an assignment without collecting a brown envelope,' Boniface had said. 'It is a real life saver for all journalists in this country.' Ifiok, a young journalist working for the government radio station in Lagos, aspires to always do the right thing but the odds seem to be stacked against him. The government cuts the funding to his weekly radio drama, he stumbles into an affair with a beautiful young intern causing his long-term love to leave him, and kidnappings and militancy are on the rise in the country. When Ifiok travels to his hometown to make a documentary about a band of ex-militants he is forced to confront the ugly truth about the future of his beloved country and his existence within it. Radio Sunrise is a hilarious yet sobering satirical portrait of Nigeria that fully deserves a place amongst the great works of 'post-post-colonial' African literature.


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