Positive Legacy: How to live a life of meaning and impact by Ambrose Enuma

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Positive Legacy was crafted to meet several objectives. The core concept, legacy, has a broad impact on everyone irrespective of age (except the very young ones), gender, color, creed, location, or status.

Perhaps you want a deeper understanding of the concept, realign your life to attune with it, develop a consciousness around the topic, or equip yourself with the skills to harness positive legacy opportunities around you—this is the right book.

You may find yourself in seemingly intractable circumstances concerning the subject: we got you covered as well.

Finally, you may have had a fair understanding of the subject matter—this book should question your earlier understanding and beliefs, and reconstruct them for good.

Oh! Lest I forget, there are enough real-life stories and eye-openers to enlighten, engage and entertain you throughout the book. I assure you that you will ONLY drop this book at the end of the last sentence


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