Interventions III - The Unappeasable Price of Appeasement

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Crimes are committed in increasingly horrendous dimensions against both individual and that corporate entity also called nation, where the supposed sensibilities of the criminal take priority over the rights of the victim, or the duty of the state, once the bogey of religion is introduced. In a multi-religious society, let this be stressed again and again, there can be no privileging of any one religion over another. Any such claim is bogus, arrogant, and opportunistic. It constitutes an invitation to a total breakdown of the norms of cohabitation in full equity, an open door to the exercise of despotic group conduct, under pietistic guise.... ******** Again, Soyinka, in his characteristic style and manner, analyses Nigeria's complex political scene and boldly lashes out at the issues ravaging his country religious violence, political intolerance, child abuse, injustice and violation of human rights and terrorism (a new addition to our string of horrors). The sting of his outrage, dexterity of his eloquence, humour, sarcasm and mastery of the language, are all evident in this instructive book, Interventions Volume III - The Unappeasable Price of Appeasement, another addition to the Intervention Series.


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