Intervention VI:Between Defective Memory and the Public Lie - A Personal Odyssey in The Republic of Liars II

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“Lies, unfortunately, basically lack terminus! They must be augmented, their career must be sustained, and by whatever means. The graver the lie, the greater its need for fertilisers. Its ravenousness chains the liar to the maintenance of an original fabrication, whose appetite has no limits. Thus, in extreme cases, if it is necessary to rob, the liar does not even think twice; he robs. If it is necessary to maim, he maims. If killing is what it takes… well, why don't the sceptical over this simply check a few police files? When the target proves difficult to kill, then, of course, they must kill whatever he or she represents.” A follow-up to the earlier volume, Soyinka is just as cutting and acerbic, as he takes on his bêtes noire in 'The Republic of Liars'; and as usual, he pulls no punches.


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