How to Know Everything: Ask better questions, get better answers

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The international bestseller that will sharpen your mind, broaden your perspective and transform your relationships.

In an increasingly polarized world, asking better questions in our daily and working lives is a radical shortcut to personal and professional success. It can create space for us to rethink our positions, find answers together, and even change our minds for the better.

Drawing on the lessons of Socrates and other great thinkers, practical philosopher Elke Wiss lays out an essential toolkit to help you:
· Transform debates into dialogues
· Embrace your doubts like a true philosopher
· Ditch your ego and become an active listener
· Discover an open and curious Socratic attitude
· Learn Sherlock Holmes's powers of observation
· Open conversations up or dig down deeper with key question types
· Explore thorny issues and avoid classic question pitfalls
· Face your fear of asking and start connecting

The right questions can unlock the answers to anything - and help you know everything, without being a know-it-all.


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