Chasing Facades

Tiyo Dabi, rising star at the only detective agency in Sonowea State, Nigeria, loves her job and believes she is good at it. Her confidence is, however, rocked when she investigates she murder of a successful and wealthy contractor. Her encounters with the beautiful grieving widow and the handsome brother of the murder victim leave her intrigued.
Distractions by several other cases that showcase the underbelly of a beautifully realised fictional city of Sonowea do not put Tayo off the scent of the contractor's murderer, and the novel comes to a crescendo of an ending.
An amalgam of romance and thriller, Chasing Facades is about betrayed trust, rage, and love and the facades we pus up to hide our true selves. Elizabeth Adeolu, in her first novel, already shows signs of being a master of the genre novel.


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