Daughters of The East by Achalugo Chioma Ezekobe

Bartholomew Aniekwe has done the unacceptable!
He has named his second daughter Mmesoma as the beneficiary of his properties in their village, Umuduha. His extended family members and custodians of their community customs will not have it. What follows are manipulations and maneuverings to force the will of the people over Bartholomew’s.

Daughters of the East is a play about tradition, and the ways in which a society maintains its status-quo. It questions the things that we do, what we accept and offers a view for a new possibility.

Daughters of the East is a compelling read - relatable story of a situation that resonates for so many women in Nigeria, especially it's eastern parts. I enjoyed reading this and recommend to all. You will be engrossed until the very last page.
- Mrs Ego Boyo. Producer, Actor and Judge BPC 3.


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